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Hand Constructed Aircraft Art To Order

Art Aircraft are the original artists to engineer unique aircraft art from airplane components. For over forty years we have created aircraft art. In doing this we pay tribute to aviation design and construction. We work with the finest materials as used in the original aircraft fabrication down to the last rivet and fastener. These are light, exotic metals such as titanium, stainless steel, aluminum alloy, inconel and other super-alloys. In using these cutting edge materials we create totally unique one-off pieces for aircraft enthusiasts. All of our work is hand-produced and never mass-made. As we use quality recycled material, any work of art we create has a comprehensive history. We use modern and vintage aircraft for components so all of our pieces have usually seen active service.

Aircraft Art Sculptures and Furniture

Our workshop is based in Miami, Florida where we construct aircraft furniture to order such as sculptures, desks, bars, lamps, conference tables, chairs, beds and virtually everything else. We create art for private homes as well as public buildings and commercial premises. We use parts from all makes of aircraft such as Boeing, Airbus and McDonnell Douglas as well as other smaller manufacturers. Due to our construction methods our artwork and furniture can be used indoors and outdoors as well as harsh environments. Our work is engineered to function and last a lifetime.

Art Aircraft has built props for movies and television. As well as selling pieces of art we also rent-out sculptures and other pieces. Please see our ‘Available Art’ page for more details or contact us.

Aircraft Art Desk
Aircraft Art Table
Aircraft Art Chairs
Aircraft Art Furniture
Aircraft Art Sculpture
Aircraft Art Metal Sculpture
Aircraft Art Lamps
Aircraft Art Titanium Sculpture