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Aircraft Furniture

Aircraft Furniture

If you are looking for aircraft furniture then Art Aircraft are the original specialists in this field. We have been creating aircraft furniture from recycled airplane parts for decades.

We create tables, desks, chairs, lamps and much more. We only use the finest quality recycled components to build our furniture.

We build tables from aircraft parts such as engine turbines and airframes. Below is a turbine table with legs made from control tracks and a glass top. Turbine tables are some of our most popular items.aircraft furniture


Pictured below is a coffee table we constructed from aircraft frame components. We added a glass top and protective foot pads to finish this piece.

aircraft furniture coffee table


This is a large dining table we built from other aircraft components. The style speaks for itself being functional and minimalist.

aircraft furniture dining table

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To compliment our tables we build an array of seats from aircraft parts. This chair is made from aluminum engine components and was part of a set. Here it is shown without the leather base cushion.

aircraft furniture chair


The seat below is also part of a set we built. This was constructed for a themed nightclub. The metal used in this case was a superalloy named inconel. This alloy is used for very high temperature applications in aircraft engines. Inconel also has excellent anti corrosion properties. These properties made the chair suitable for outdoor as well as indoor use.
aircraft furniture custom seat


We also make bench seats from aircraft wings, flaps and other items of the fuselage. Below is a bench seat fabricated from aircraft control tracks and wings.

aircraft furniture bench seat

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Aircraft Furniture For The Office

We also build furniture and fittings for offices and corporations. This is a model of one of our corporate desks.

aircraft furniture corporate desk

As we use quality aircraft parts, our furniture is designed and built to last a lifetime. The metals and alloys we use have a modern and timeless appearance which compliments almost any home or corporate location.

We build our artwork to order so talk to us about your plans and ideas.